Welcome Friends,
If you want to know why your dog:

-Pulls on the leash              
-Jumps up all over you as you come in the door
-Barks excessively
-Has issues with eating (food aggressive, won't eat, eats really fast)
-Has obsessive behaviors (chase's their tail, licks constantly,               chews on everything, OCD, etc..)
-Is canine or people aggressive
-Has separation anxiety, or generalized anxiety
-Is afraid of loud noises
-Bolts when off the leash, or pushes past when going through the       door
-Or has other generally "bad behavior"
and what you can do about it,

Confused Dogs Dot Com can help you.

We can teach you how to understand your dog and communicate back. If you want more out of the relationship you have with your dog on a kind and a mutually respectful level then contact the consultants here.  We all use a kind, natural, (no artificial gadgets like shock collars, or choke chains) and gentle alternative way to change dogs' undesirable behavior, from the traditional training methods.